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Polar Pillow

Polar Pillow

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Tired of flipping your pillow all night finding out both sides are warm?

The Polar Pillow will keep you cool through the night, not just your face but can also be used as a neck pillow to provide maximum cooling and comfort for shoulder support. Keep your pillow that perfect temperature all night with The Polar Pillow™.

Scientifically Proven to Help You Sleep Better

Studies have shown that having a cool pillow helps you sleep faster and deeperLowers your body temperature to absorb excess heat, drawing it away from your skin to produce a natural cooling effect. Great for migraines, stress and headachesJust put it in the fridge for 20 minutes for a cool pillow all night.


The Polar pillow can be used to cool your laptop, soothe aching joints, migraines, stress, headaches, ease pain and help after a long period of tough exercise.

Get a good night sleep wherever you go

The Polar Pillow is light, foldable and slim. You can take it anywhere with you in your luggage, to have a cool nights sleep anywhere you go.

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